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Gas Safe advice

Gas safe in the home

Be safe at home, Understand the risks of dangerous gas work and only use a Gas safe registered engineer…

Top tips for winter

Winter weather highlights how much we rely on gas to keep us warm, cook our meals and provide hot water…

The silent killer

You can not see it, taste it or smell it but it can kill quickly and with no warning…

Can you smell gas?

Feeling ill? Headaches.. Nausea…  Badly fitted and poorly serviced boilers,cookers and fires can …

Flues- The dangers

Important life saving advice for consumers who have flues which are concealed within ceiling spaces…

The Gas Safe Register

Find and check a registered gas business in your area. Only use a Gas Safe registered engineer.


Gas safety tips to keep you safe in your home

The dangers of unchecked gas appliances- REAL STORY

Carbon monoxide – The silent killer – MOVIE TRAILER

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