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Gas South Lakes are among the most well established of Barrow Plumbing and Heating Engineers

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Central Heating

Having the right Central Heating System installed in your home is important for a number of reasons – the amount of people who live in your home and how often certain rooms are used are just things that need taking into consideration.

It is all about keeping everyone safe, secure and warm. With over 10 years of experience with guarantee to offer a high-quality service to make sure all that is provided.

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The list below covers some of the most common jobs we handle for our customers:
  • Installation of heating system
  • Design of heating systems
  • Full heat loss calculations
  • Flushing heating systems
  • Power Flushing
  • Heating system diagnostics; circulation issues, noisy systems
  • System conversion gravity to mains pressure, for heating, hot and cold-water systems
  • Damaged Soil or Down Pipes
  • Radiator Installation
  • Radiator Problems
  • Radiator Bleeding
  • Radiator Balancing
  • Thermostat Installation
  • Thermostat Repairs
  • Fitting New Radiator
  • installations and heating alterations
  • Radiator replacement
  • Central Heating repairs